Rezultatul concursului foto “Borders” organizat de Tiger Camera

Marele premiu al concursul de fotografie organizat de Tiger Camera a fost castigat de Matilde Fogh, din Danemarca, cu imaginea de mai jos, intitulata “03:32 This is my Mom’ “

Matilde Fogh Tiger Camera winner
© Matilde Fogh “03:32 This is my Mom’ “

Tema editiei 2015 a concursului foto a fost “Borders” si au fost inscrise 10.000 de imagini.

Premiul oferit fotografei Matilde Fogh (Danemarca) este o excursie in Japonia. Motivatia juriului pentru alegerea facuta:

“The winning photo takes its starting point in the classic theme of the reclining nude. There’s real beauty in the way the figure is laying on the bed and in the interaction between the fabric of the sheet and the bare skin. Yet the figure itself is anything but classic, it’s a real woman in all her magnificent perfection and imperfection.

The photo exists in a kind of borderland between the private and the intimate, the personal and the impersonal, the realistic and the symbolic. It’s also important to remember that borders place restraints on form and expression that are important to challenge and break down. ‘03:32 This is my Mom’ does that brilliantly, going beyond the conventional and demanding something of the viewer.”

Alte 50 de imagini premiate la concursul foto, care vor fi publicate anul viitor intr-o carte foto, pot fi vazute pe site-ul:

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