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Incep inscrierile pentru Sony World Photography Awards 2018

Sony World Photography Awards, una dintre cele mai mari competiții de fotografie din lume, anunță deschiderea sesiunii de înscrieri pentru ediția 2018.

poza castigatoare swpa 2017 peisaj iarna magar
Kalaja e Dodes (Doda’s Castle) is a region in Albania including Albania’s highest mountain Mount Korabi and it’s surrounding 7 villages. This region still remains one of the most authentic regions in Albania and much of it’s lifestyle has remained unchanged during the last decades. Traditions are kept alive in this region, although it’s hard with modernization creeping in and a flux of people trading the mountain villages for a life in the capital or abroad.
But also in the past under the leadership of Doda they didn’t surrender easily to invaders. Doda came up with a ruse by offering 300 veiled woman to the army of the Ottomans as a gift to keep the enemy away. The women were actually 300 veiled warriors that slaughtered the ottoman army.

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