Arta: Deutsche Bank versus BNR

Astazi m-am uita la un documentar despre arta si mi-am adus aminte ca si BNR (Banca nationala a României), in 2009, a fost implica intr-un concurs de fotografie. Am dorit sa aflu daca si alte banci se implica in astfel de concursuri si am aflat ca Deutsche Bank priveste arta ca pe o investitie, avand cea mai bogata colectie de arta din lume!

art work deutsche bank
Miwa Yanagi

autor: Miwa Yanagi “Eternal city”

Bancile din România ar trebuie sa ia exemplu!

The bank started collecting works in 1979 to support emerging German artists. The bank has since grown considerably, along with its collection, which now includes some 57,000 artworks.

The collection’s prime masterpiece is Abstrakt Bild, a painting of colossal dimensions by Gerhard Richter. The piece is currently located in the firm’s headquarters on Wall Street. Each floor of the bank’s New York headquarters tackles a different artistic theme — one floor displays photographs, another shows houses painted by sculptors, while yet another focuses on the body.

The bank considers art to be an investment — one that is more cultural than financial. For that reason alone, it has been known to organise roundtables and events for employees to focus on the collection and on its related exhibitions.

Bancile din România ar trebuie sa ia exemplu!


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