ASUS ProArtist Awards 2022 – concurs pentru creatorii digitali

ASUS ProArtist Awards celebrates creativity in all forms from all brilliant minds. With the belief that distinctiveness sparks ingenuity, we are here to empower unique visions and push the limits of imagination in search of versatility and diversity in the world of creation.

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ASUS ProArtist Awards 2022

This free-to-enter design competition is aimed at enthusiasts and professionals of all ages. It serves as a platform for ingenious talents to express their visions with no boundaries.
This year, there are four categories: Photography, Graphic Design, Film, and Animation.

Through this year’s topic — Explore beyond the Limits — we encourage you to push the limits of creativity and let others see the world though your eyes. It’s time to look beyond reality and create something truly unique. Through art, make the unreal real, and make the impossible possible.


•First Place US$ 10,000
•Second Place US$ 5,000

Photography categories:

•Still Life
•Any other types of photography that can express your creative concepts

Entry deadline: 15th May 2022
Winners announced: June 15, 2022.

Image requirements: Below 5 MB; JPEG, JPG, or PNG; Image resolution should be at least 1920 x 1080px.
Please read all Terms and Conditions on this webpage

Online submission of digital images via the website:

About ProArt

ProArt is a sub-brand designed for professional creatives from all industries, ASUS incorporates innovative designs and cutting-edge technologies into every ProArt product, not only to create unparalleled aesthetics, but also to provide powerful performance and an excellent user experience.

ProArt is the fusion of Pro and Art, created by creators, for creators. It’s the comprehensive professional force that will kindle your creative flame, capture the sparks of your inspiration, and let you create the uncreated in unexplored worlds.

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