Betonul – subiectul concursului foto Concrete in Life

Concrete in Life is the first edition of the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) global photography contest.

Concrete in Life betonul concurs fotografie
Concrete in Life

As one of the most widely used man-made products on the planet, concrete is all around us: in our houses and offices; our roads and pavements; in the bridges that connect us; the windfarms that provide us with energy; and the sea barriers that protect us.

With this competition, we want to inspire you to celebrate the vital role that concrete plays in our world, its versatility, strength and durability.

The competition is open to professional and amateur photographers alike, and entrants can submit their photos into three categories:

◾Urban design and use #UrbanConcrete
Images of the city landscapes and buildings around us, both well-known and hidden away – from the Sydney Opera House to the tower block you might have grown up in.
◾Practical concrete #PracticalConcrete
Photographs of our infrastructure, in our cities and rural areas, above and below ground: highways, bridges, airports, stations and dams, let’s celebrate the concrete buildings supporting and enabling our vibrant lifestyles.
◾Small scale application #SmallScaleConcrete
From the provision of a water tank for a village to an urban sculpture, to a new kitchen worktop, you can enter all images that showcase concrete as an intrinsic part of our lives.


◾The overall Best “Concrete in Life” Photo of the Year winner will win a $10,000 prize
◾Each of the five remaining amateur and professional winners will each win a $2,500 prize. One professional and one amateur winner will be chosen from each category, with one of the finalists receiving the overall Best “Concrete in Life” Photo of the Year prize.

Post a photograph on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ConcreteInLife and then include the hashtag for the category that you want to enter:


The competition is open until 11 September 2019.
In September 2019 (or as soon as practicable thereafter), the short-listed winners will be notified via Instagram.

Read the full Terms and Conditions here

Good Luck!

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