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The Cine-Books platform organize an international photo stories contest. The main thing that distinguishes a Photo Story from a simple photo shoot is the plot. Photography Contest prizes awards
Cine-Books – Photography Contest

The plot is a sequence of events, interactions of the heroes, in which their characters are shown, and therefore revealing the idea of the story.
In this definition, there is already a hint about how to make up a story, and this starts with the character! Find an image that inspires you and take a shot at your fantasy — in what situations and under what circumstances can it be shown the most expressively?
Additionally, in order for the story to be interesting, we need subtext and conflict…

Create & Distribute a new type of storytelling entertainment that combines the advantages of books and movies.
Cine-Books are the new kind of storytelling entertainment for the whole family combining advantages of both books and movies. Now you can READ, LISTEN and even WATCH books!

Cine-Books Photography Stories Contest Awards

Cine-Books platform unites end-users, literary rights holders, content producers, investors, and distributors to acquire additional revenues by creating new products, distribute them to new audiences and reach new consumer markets.

Cine-Books platform provides infrastructure for the full-cycle creation and distribution of unique digital content in a new cine-book format based on great stories.


•Grand Prize – $3,000
•Users’ Choice:
-Photostory without text – $250
-Photostory with text – $250
-Cinematic story – $300

The stories that won the Grand Prize and the Users’ Choice will be advertised on the site’s banners and available for public viewing on this page for the month!

Entry deadline: 25th December 2018
The winners of the contest will be announced at January 8, 2019.

Image requirements: Proportions: 16:9; Orientation: landscape; at least 2000 px on the short side; sRGB; JPG format.
Read all Terms on this webpage

Online submission of digital photographs via the website:


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