Depositphotos Photography Contest 2020

This summer, Depositphotos is launching their first photography contest! The theme of the contest is Authenticity 2.0, which explores what authenticity means to photographers as they document candid moments in their everyday life.

Depositphotos Photography Contest concurs foto premii canon
Depositphotos Photography Contest 2020

Depositphotos is looking to support independent professionals around the world in their artistic pursuits and can’t wait to see your submissions.

Theme: Authenticity 2.0

We are looking to define authenticity through visuals of candid moments in everyday life. Participants explore the notion of authenticity through the eyes of a photographer, showcasing their own signature style or aesthetic.

The photography contest will run on Instagram until the 31 of August. We ask that you fill out a form to confirm your participation and include the required tag and hashtag for up to 5 image submissions.

How to submit photos to the Depositphotos Photography Contest 2020

1. Subscribe to @depositphotos_contest on Instagram

2. Tag your image submissions on Instagram with @depositphotos_contest and add the hashtag #authenticity_is in the captions of your post

3. Include a short description of your image submission as a continuation of the hashtag #authenticity_is

4. Have a public account so we could see your submissions in the feed with the contest tag

5. Fill out a form to confirm your participation

When you’ll be submitting the images, make sure you don’t miss any point in this checklist.

Do you already have a particular photo in mind? Share your vision of what authenticity is and get a chance to win a mirrorless camera. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional photographer, let’s celebrate candid moments in everyday life together.

poza juriul concurs foto Depositphotos site stock photography

Judging criteria for the Depositphotos Photography Contest

•Adherence to theme
•Uniqueness of concept
•Creative composition and framing
•Technical excellence/execution
•Overall artistic impression


1st place: Canon EOS RP Full-Frame Mirrorless + RF24-105mm Lens F4-7.1
2nd place: Canon EOS M50 aps-c Mirrorless + EF-M15-45mm + EF-M 55-200mm Lenses
3rd place: Canon G9X MkII premium compact camera

Entry deadline: 31st August 2020
The final winners will be announced on the contest Instagram account on October 1, 2020.

Full details on the rules of participation are here

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