Earth Mosaic

Calling all photographers and Earth-lovers … Help us record a day in the life of our planet, in pictures.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing on Earth Day22 April 2009, we’re asking you to take photographs of the world around you, select your best one, send it to us, and we’ll use them to make a giant mosaic.

All submitted images must be taken within the 24 hour period of 22 April 2009,as it occurs in the country where you are on that day.
You may send in more than one image taken on the day – but make sure they’re your best ones!
All those participating are asked to spread the word and help make the project as far- reaching as possible.

All images must be uploaded by 30th April 2009.

By submitting your image to, you license the image as:
Creative Commons (Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike)
Every attempt will be made to place each image on the map as close to the country where it was taken.
However, to allow an even spread of images across the map, this may not be possible.

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