EEF Photography Competition 2015: concurs foto cu tema “Produse Made in UK”

Ingenious, productive and beautiful are just three words that can be used to describe manufacturing. But as we all know a picture can say a thousand words so we challenge you to capture British manufacturing through your images!

concurs foto EEF Photography Competition
EEF Photography Competition

Photographs must reflect engineering or manufacturing through products, components or processes that have been made in Britain. Entries need not be confined to British companies so long as they are located in Britain.

This year, due to popular demand, we are celebrating manufactured products, components (the parts that make the product up) made here as well as processes that take place to make them.

Your image may be of:

Components (the parts that make the product up); or
The manufacturing process involved in making them (the production line or assembly process).

Your image, taken abstract form or in full glory, may be of anything from forges to fighter jets, silicon chips to potato crisps! – parts may be sourced overseas, But remember if it’s made here, in the UK, it’s eligible!

The theme is open to your interpretation as long as you can explain how your image depicts our theme.


£5,000 in photography equipment


Best photograph by an amateur photographer
Best photograph by a professional photographer
Best photograph by a 14-19 year old photographer

Image requirements: RGB format; JPEG file (level 10 or above in Photoshop); The maximum and ideal image size is 3508 x 2480 pixels or 3508 x 3508 pixels if square; Minimum image size 2400 x 1800 pixels

Entry deadline: 30 September 2015

Online submission of digital photographs via the website:

Please read EEF Photography Competition the Rules

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