Exibart – revista italiana de arta contemporana organizeaza un concurs de fotografie de strada

Exibart Street will be a new editorial platform dedicated to STREET PHOTOGRAPHY, created by Exibart, the most important Italian contemporary art magazine. They will go online with a site dedicated to street photography by June 2018.

concurs fotografie de strada exibart street photography art magazine
The Exibart Street Photography 2018 Award

To introduce theirs project and show you they excitement for this new adventure they decided to launch a free street photography contest for all street photographers around the world.


a Leica CL with a 18mm lens (Total value of the prize is about 3.795 us dollars)


The new Leica CL is the deliberate transfer of traditional values from patience, persistence and craftsmanship into the fast and modern world we live in. A companion. So compact and discrete that it fits in every hand and finds a place in every heart.

The new Leica Elmarit-TL 18mm f/2.8 ASPH is not only one of the most smallest lenses in its class, it also by far exceeds the imaging performance of its competitors.With a length of only 20.5 millimetres, a weight of no more than 80 grams and fast autofocus, this wide-angle is the perfect ‘constant companion’

concurs fotografie de starda street photography award exibart
concurs de fotografie de strada – Exxibart – revista italiana de arta conemporana

Judges: Matteo Bergamini, Biba Giacchetti, Andrea Pacella and Eolo Perfido.
Entry deadline: 31st May 2018

Each participant can send up to 3 photos. Image requirements: JPEGs, sized up to 2000 pixels on the longest side. Maximum file size is 3MB. Read all Rules of Exibart Street Photography 2018 Award on these page

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Online submission of digital photographs via the website: www.exibartstreet.com
Share your vision today and get discovered! Good luck!

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