Expressions – Tumbhi Photography Contest 2012

Expressions – Tumbhi Photography Contest 2012

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News Photography Special 2012

Do you like to make news? And you are not a writer? Probably your camera can make you a news-buzzer this time.

Tumbhi announces News photography Contest in its third series of Expressions!

News events photos, Political photos, Sports photos and Entertainment photos are the categories for this unique contest. You can click anything that is worthy enough to make a piece of news, no matter current or subsided.

The 4 categories in description could be as under:

1. Sports Photos: Shoot the location, the decisive moments, the fantastic actions, the drama in the game and so on. The athletes, the swimmers, the balls in the air, the keepers in awe of the ball, the J -sticks, the bats in vague , the heads of the audience turned and much more could be shot in daunting or amusing fashion.
2. Politics Photos: Try capturing an image which conveys a political message and make people question and debate the context. Snap up the frames of wars, prisons, road campaigns , publics addresses, the junta, the politicians ‘ lives, the democracies , the royal faces , the fighting protests or their what-so-ever pictures!
3. News Event photos: The press conferences , the disasters, the courtrooms , the debates and rallies , the human stories, the criminal and the cremated , anything and everything that grabs eyes and ears and perhaps a few thoughts too.
4. Entertainment Photos: Celebrities and socialites, the name & fame bearers, the godfathers or the controversial ones, capture them from close or far , candid or portrait, laughing or frowning, chilling out or getting trapped , scoops from their onscreen and off-screen lives, the extra wives or the spicy scandals.

Last Date of Submission: May 15th 2012

Entry is FREE!

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