Lucas Dolega Photography Award 2022

The Lucas Dolega Award is open to all freelance professional photographers, without age or country restrictions. The participation is free.

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Lucas Dolega Photography Award

The LUCAS DOLEGA association is proud to announce the launch of the 11th edition of the Lucas Dolega Award. Organized in partnership with the City of Paris for 11 years, the LUCAS DOLEGA AWARD is intended to support and accompany professional freelance photographers who work to provide free and independent information.
Its essence is to reward a photographer who, through his personal commitment, his involvement in the field, his positions and the quality of his work, will have known how to demonstrate his attachment to freedom of information and democracy.

In Tunis, on January 17th 2011, the photographer Lucas Dolega left us, while covering the ‘Jasmine Revolution’. In order to pay tribute to Lucas, and through him, to all the photojournalists who risk their lives for the freedom of information, his family, friends and close relations decided to create the Association Lucas Dolega, and to launch an Award.

The Lucas Dolega Award will reward a photographer with a endowment by La Société des Auteurs des arts visuels et de l’Image Fixe – Saif of 10.000 Euros, an exhibition in Paris, and a publication in the Reporters without borders album.
The award ceremony will take place at the Mairie de Paris, in the spring 2022, depending on the sanitary conditions.

Entry deadline: 15th December 2021

Please read all Rules on this page:

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2 thoughts on “Lucas Dolega Photography Award 2022”

  1. Dacă fotograful era recunoscut pentru promovarea libertății cuvântului și democrație de ce afișul este cu mașini de spălat? Hmmm…. Oricum, mult succes participanților.

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