Memorial Maria Luisa Photo and Video Contest 2022

The Maria Luisa Memorial is calling, one more time, photographers and filmmakers, both amateurs and professionals, , to the thirty third edition of their contest, with the purpose of being able to find new and innovative images.

afis concurs foto video Memorial Maria Luisa Photo and Video Contest 2022
Memorial Maria Luisa Photo and Video Contest 2022

Memorial Maria Luisa International Mountain, Nature And Adventure Photo And Video Contest

Its named after “María Luisa Alvarez Alvarez”, who died in a mountain accident on 18th November 1990.

poza ciuperci padure lumina fotograf grec agorastos papatsanis
© Agorastos Papatsanis – 32MML

Mountain, nature, wildlife, mountaineering, climbing, landscape, underwater world, biodiversity, flora, macro photo, extreme and adventure sports, etc. will be the photographic reference of the edition one more year. In addition, in this occasion a special category has also been created, it is dedicated exclusively to Africa. Its landscapes, fauna and flora. Its people and their traditional ways of life, as well as the nature sports practiced within that geographical space.

The 33 competition consists of 14 different subject categories. These are the categories in which it is possible to participate:

A/ Mountain Landscape.
B/ Alpinism and winter mountain
C/ Mountain climbing.
D/ Adventure and extreme sports
E/ Man in the Mountain.
F/ Animal World.
G/The world of birds.
H/ Vegetal World.
I/ Submerged World
J/ Biodiversity.
K/ Nature landscapes.
L/ Creative and abstract photography.
M/ Macro picture.
N/ Topic of the year: África

33 MML Photo & Video prizes:
➤ 2 Absolute prize: value of 6.000 euros, trophies, and gifts.
➤ Awards categories: 300 euros, trophies, and gifts.
➤ Young Photographers Prize: It will be awarded to the best photograph submitted by contestants not having reached the age of nineteen years on 1st December 2022. It will consist of a Samsung 4G tablet, trophy, diploma, book portfolio and two invitations to the awards gala.
➤ Special award for the theme of the year: it will be a Citizen BN0151 Watch, trophy, diploma, a book portfolio and two invitations to the awards gala.
➤ Award for best video, film, documentary of 33 MML. This prize will be endowed with a voucher worth €3000 *, which can be exchanged, directly and at the request of the winner, for products marketed by Foto Ruano, trophy, diploma, book portfolio and two invitations to the awards gala.

Dead line: 1st December 2022.
The decisions of the Judges Panel will be made public on 1st March 2023, through announcements in the press and specialized magazines,

With the rules, instructions and advice provided you will easily be able to prepare your photographs to compete in a photo contest that lacks any commercial purpose, and in which, as usual, only you and your photos will be the true protagonists.

Good luck and good lights.

Online submission of digital photographs via the website

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