One Day of the Danube – concurs foto dedicat regiunii Dunarene

The Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Ministerial Commissioner for Water Diplomacy, Export and the Danube Region Strategy, calls for entries to an international photo contest entitled “One Day of the Danube”.

One Day of the Danube european photo contest
One Day of the Danube

The competition, which will end on 1 July 2017, is open to all those who reside in the countries of the Strategy for the Danube Region (9 EU Member States: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia; and 5 countries from outside the European Union: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Moldova, Serbia, the Ukraine).

The theme of the photo contest revolves around one day in the life of the Danube and the rivers found in its basin which flow through the 14 countries engaged in the Strategy. Only photos taken between 27 June and 1 July of this year are eligible for the competition.

The contest is intended to encourage the conveying of messages – in the form of photographs, insofar as they are taken within the specificed time period – falling within the scope of the aforementioned theme: one day in the Danube basin. We hope to receive photographs which illustrate the importance of the Danube to the life of the region and which showcase its various characteristics and unique nature, be it from a historical, natural, artistic, or cultural perspective. The entries may also accentuate the mythical, folkloric connotations of the Danube.

dunarea google maps
Dunarea – Google Street View

Bringing attention to the essential values of photography is among the objectives of the contest, together with shedding light on its inevitable documentary nature, through which it speaks to posterity – and of course to the present as well. The easy-to-use tools, which are available for everyone by now, are perfectly suitable for focusing on and exploring complex cultural, social and environmental questions.

Contest Awards

I.: LEICA D-LUX camera + a voucher worth HUF 50 000, which may be used for scanning, printing or for analog photographic processing

II.: A voucher worth HUF 50 000, which may be used for scanning, printing or for analog photographic processing + a book voucher worth HUF 25 000

III.: A book voucher worth HUF 25 000

Webpage of the Photo Competition:


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