Photometria Awards 2021

Photometria festival is organized for 13th continuous year in Ioannina city, while Greece celebrates 200 years since the Greek revolution.

Photometria Awards festilval grece Ioannina
Photometria Awards 2021

These two conditions inspired this year’s festival title. On one side, stands the popular expression of “unlucky 13”, on the other, the word revolution, honorary to rebellion’s anniversary.
However, both words also hide “luck” and “evolution”, creating in this way a game among meanings. The prejudice of jinx is revoked by positive, lucky, outcomes, in a frame where we believed that they are not possible.

A revolution, even a suppressed one, will eventually bring evolution. A kind of evolution that does not always mean improvement, a kind of evolution that may affect others than only humans.

Which is our luck as mankind? Which is our evolution? What follows a revolution and for what is worth a person to revolute nowadays? Guided by luck but also by our own decisions, how do we wish to evolve ecumenical as humans, as society? The title wants to bring into the center these and other questionings. We live during a critical era, in which we are responsible for the future.

Theme: “(Un)lucky (R)evolution”

Judged by Martin Parr


1st Award: Voucher for Olympus – OM Digital Solutions Products: 1000€
2nd Award: OLYMPUS E-M10 III S 1442IIR Kit
3rd Award : CULLMANN PANAMA CrossPack 200, black, sling bag
The exhibition of the winning photos will take place in Ioannina, during 13th Photometria International Photography Festival.

Entry deadline: 31st May 2021
On June 15, the results of the best 25 photos will be announced.

The applicants have the right to send only one picture photo

Image requirements: not bigger than 500kb. If your photo is selected to the top 25, you will be asked for your original file in a good resolution for printing.

Online submission of digital photographs via the website
Good luck!

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