SKM Photography Contest 2022 – Calling for Entries

The Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi International Photography Exhibition has been held since 2007 with the aim of providing a stage for photographers to show their talent. Unlike most competitions, this event allows participants to decide their own photographic themes and tell a visual story with five images.

poza afis SKM Photography Contest 2022
SKM Photography Contest 2022

The “SKM PHOTO Shinkong Mitsukoshi International Photo Contest” is the annual video event for “photographers”. Five photos tell an image story. There is no limit to the setting of the theme of the competition, which tests the perspective of re-deconstructing the image under the lens.

Integrate with the narrative of the work, reshape the unique visual picture in the viewing window, convey a personal and complete creative concept and visual art style, and let participation become the starting point for your dreams to come true!

Enter five photographic images that tell a story, with themes established by the photographers themselves. This allows participants to adopt a perspective of deconstructing visual art anew and thinking about how they describe their work and process, breaking down the unique visual image into elements within the frame that convey a personal and complete creative concept and visual art style. By challenging oneself, contestants allow their participation to be the starting point for making their dreams come true.

The epidemic has swept the world. Stepping out of home and abroad is no longer a daily sight. Technology allows hearts under social distancing to rely on each other. We connect the world through images and reflect on ourselves through records. What is recorded at the moment the shutter is pressed? Is it a cruel reality or a beautiful sight? In an era when everyone can take pictures, a clear narrative and recognition of their own style will be the main points of the creation of “photographers”


◾First Place (1 winner):NTD 120,000 (aprox. 3.655 Euro)
◾Second Place (1 winner):NTD 60,000
◾Third Place (1 winner):NTD 30,000

◾Special Jury Award (2 winners): SAMYANG AF 35mm F1.4 FE Lens

◾Outstanding Work Award (5 winners): FUJIFILM instax SHARE SP-3 Smartphone Printer

◾Selected Work Award (10 winners): VANGUARD VEO GO 46M Camera Backpack

◾Annual Special Award (3 winners): GARMIN VENU 2 AMOLED GPS SMARTWATCH

Entry deadline: 31st October 2021
The organizer will notify winners before December 30, 2021

Submission of prints and form vy post. Download the Form from the website:

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