This–Ability Photography Award 2018

This–Ability Photography Award is open to all amateur or professional photographers who can portray a snapshot of a disabled person’s life. Photographic entries should celebrate their story and character, encouraging participants to see disabled persons and disability in a new way.

THIS-ABILITY Photography Award concurs fotografie handicap
This–Ability Photography Award 2018

Challenging stereotypes surrounding disability

THIS-ABILITY Photography Award winners
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Disability is much more than blue badges. The term ‘disability’ is broad and encompasses both visible and non-visible conditions. Did you know that in the UK Dyslexia, Diabetes, Sight loss, Hearing loss, Stammer, Anxiety and Depression are all considered disabilities under the Equality Act 2010?

This award aims to challenge the stereotyping of disabled persons by highlighting that each of us is an individual. Through photography we celebrate our individuality, allowing others to see the disability as one of many aspects that make up a person’s unique identity.

REMEMBER, Disability is not always ‘visible’. There are millions of people who despite the odds, put on a brave face and tender to your needs EVERYDAY. You may not even realise it.


•The winner will be awarded a gold medal and £1,000 cash prize.
•The winning photographs will be showcased at London City Hall 03-14/12/2018 to coincide with International Day of Disabled Persons.

Entry deadline: 26th October 2018
Winners will be announced on 05/11/2018

Image requirements: min 3000 x 2000 px, Jpeg format, 300dpi, under 3MB in file size. ubmit a photographic social reportage consisting of three themed images.

Read all Terms & Conditions on this webpage

Online submission of digital photographs via the website:


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