Tokyo Old meets New – tema unui concurs international de fotografie

As 79th “International Photographic Salon,” which is the most historical photographic contest in Japan, will be held in this year, “Tokyo Tokyo Old meets New Award” will be added in this year.

Tokyo Old meets New photo contest Japan
Tokyo Old meets New – photo contest

In order to announce the attractiveness of Tokyo effectively to the world, the logo and slogan of “Tokyo Tokyo Old meets New” have been designed to express Tokyo, which holds both of the traditions exist from Edo period and the state-of-the-art cultures.

The theme of this contest is ” Traditions and innovations coexist in Tokyo (Old meets New).”

They are looking for photographs that express the image of the logo, which is the attractiveness of Tokyo that holds both of “Traditions exist from Edo period and State-of-the-art cultures,” characterizing the concept of Tokyo Brand: “Metropolitan surely offers various entertainments by continuously producing new styles while mixing traditions and innovations.”
• In particular, they are look for photographs to inform foreign residents and international tourists of the attractiveness of Tokyo, as well as the scene of Tokyo where old meets new.
• Photographs taken by smartphone, tablet, or similar devices are acceptable.
• This category has been added as one of the projects of “advertising the attractiveness of Tokyo” to announce the attractiveness of Tokyo, by cooperating with Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau


•1st prize: Tokyo Tokyo Old meets New Award for 1 person (with 500,000 JPY approx. €3,900 Euro or $4,432 US Dollar)
•Award for Each Category (theme) with 50,000 JPY
•Award of Excellence for 20 persons (with 10,000 JPY)



Judging committee
• Takeyoshi Tanuma (President of AJAPS, Photographer)
• Yoshihiro Tatsuki (Photographer)
• Anju (Photographer)

Entry deadline: 26th November 2018
Award ceremony it is planned in March 23, 2019

Single photo in color or monochrome (sets of photos cannot be accepted). One person can submit up to 5 photos.
Rules of application can be read here

Online submission of digital photographs via the website

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