Wellcome Photography Prize 2021

This year, the Wellcome Photography Prize is exploring the human side of three urgent health challenges: mental health problems, infectious diseases and global heating.

concurs foto sanatate medicina stiinta premii
Wellcome Photography Prize 2021

These challenges affect people of all ages, in all parts of the world – although their effects are not felt equally.

But there is hope. People and communities around the world are coming up with ingenious ways to manage mental health, control the spread of infections, and adapt to the local health risks of global heating. Theirs are the voices we want to hear – the inspiring stories that need to be shown and shared.

Wellcome Trust is looking for entries that can captivate people with stories of science and medicine, and start conversations about some of the health challenges humanity faces today.


– Managing Mental Health
– Fighting Infections
– Health in a Heating World


•The finalists of each category will receive £1,000.
•Our single image and series winners will each receive £10,000.

Entry deadline: 18th January 2021
Shortlist and winners announced: Summer 2021

Images must have been created after 31st December 2015.

Image requirements: at least 15MB in size (uncompressed) and use Adobe RGB (1998) colour model and profile. All images must be submitted as high-resolution files suitable for printing as winning images will be reproduced, including in print format. TIFF or high-resolution JPG formats are preferred but we will also accept GIF, JPEG and PNG formats.


Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions before submitting any photos.

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