WindEurope Photo Contest 2017 – concursul foto organizat de WindEurope si Global Wind Energy Council

As part of Global Wind Day activities, WindEurope and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) have launched a global photo competition: ‘Capture the power of wind’

concurs fotografie puterea vantului
WindEurope Photo Contest 2017

Global Wind Day is a worldwide event that occurs annually on 15 June. It is a day for discovering wind, its power and the possibilities it holds to reshape our energy systems, decarbonise our economies and boost jobs and growth.

◾Category 1: Wind and Nature
◾Category 2: Wind Works
◾Category 3: Wind at Sea

◾The first prize in each category – € 1,000.
◾The winning photographs will be displayed on the WindEurope and GWEC websites and across all social media channels.

◾Entry deadline: 21st May 2017
The winners will be announced on 15th June 2017.

poza turbine mori vant peisaj
puterea vantului

Image requirements: jpg format; highest resolution (as a guideline, each picture should be at least 2000 pixels on its shortest edge; and should be at least 2MB in file size). Photos with frames and watermarks will not be accepted. Maximum 6 entries per person will be accepted.

Make sure you have read the full terms and conditions before you submit your photos.
Online submission of digital photographs at the website:

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