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Concurs de fotografie de concert organizat de revista NME

Daca aveti fotografii realizate la concerte puteti sa le trimiteti la concursul de fotografie NME Music Photography Awards 2014. Concursul foto, organizat de revista NME, se adreseaza atit fotografilor amatori cit si profesionistilor.

NME Music Photography Awards 2014
NME Music Photography Awards 2014

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Concursul de fotografie Photovisa

A human being is a two-sided creature: social and hidden at the same time, with different joys and memories kept privately. These precious and priceless things which are kept in memory and for the sake of which the future is being built are own to each – to artists, photographers or viewers. It is in this diversity of the private the today of our Earth exists.

Photovisa photo contest
Photovisa 2014

Today, where times, history and culture intercross.

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Castigatorii concursului foto United

Cu ocazia cupei mondiale FIFA 2014, Sony World Photography Awards a organizat concursul de fotografie UNITED, la care au fost premiate fotografiile inspirate de recent incheiat Campionat Mondial de fotbal din Brazilia.

Cesar Suarez, Colombia, Winner, UNITED Photography Contest
Cesar Suarez

Cesar Suarez, Colombia

Iar castigatorul concursului foto United este Cesar Suarez din Colombia.

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