Chania International Photo Festival 2024

Chania International Photo festival has been created by Blank Wall Gallery. Its aim is to gather more than 500 photographers from around the world each year, turning the town of Chania (also spelled Hania) into an international centre of artistic expression focusing on photography.

Chania International Photo Festival 2024 cip greece
Chania International Photo Festival 2024

455 International Photographers were exhibited last year at the Center of the Mediterranean Architecture (CAM), also known as the Grand Arsenali and was the biggest shipyard located in the Venetian port of Chania. Submit up to five photographs for free.


➤Fine art
➤Street Photography

Entry deadline: 31st March 2024
Entry fee: Free. Only those who will be chosen to participate in the festival will have to pay €42

Before submitting any photo read Terms of photo contest

Each photographer is entitled to a single submission to which he may submit from one to five photographs. You can submit all your photographs in one category (i.e. portraits 5 photographs) or up to 5 categories (one photograph in each), or in any other combination you wish
Online submission of digital photographs via the website:

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