Concurs international de fotografie “The People & Planet”

The People & Planet International Photo Competition 2012

The People & Planet International Photo Competition 2012
Photo Competition

The People & Planet International Photography Competition aims to select 53 photos to be published in the 2013 People & Planet: Social Justice & Environment Diary and Calendar, which raise money for a group of Australian charities. The competition is open to amateur and professional photographers anywhere in the world.

They are looking for 53 extraordinary images of people, places or objects which tell a story about a social-justice or environment issue. Photos of almost any genre will be accepted, including portraits, landscapes, animals, objects, or any combination of these. We particularly like photos which tell “good news” stories about social-justice or the environment. With 53 spots up for grabs, this is an incredible opportunity to have your photos published and achieve international recognition!

You can submit up to 4 photos per entrant. All submitted photos must be accompanied by 3-5 sentences describing the image and the social-justice or environment issues which are raised by the photo. Photos will be assessed jointly with the accompanying description.

The People & Planet International Photography Competition is open to everyone, and we particularly encourage people living in the developing/majority world to enter.

The images can be colour or B&W, but must be at least 300 dpi resolution, supplied in JPEG format, with a maximum file size of 10 MB. We like minimal Photoshop-ing, and we will usually exclude photos where Photoshop-ing is obvious.

Please don’t submit images that were submitted to this competition in previous years.

Entry is Free. Just email your entries to by 22 April 2012. Please send each image in a separate e-mail.
All participants will receive confirmation of entry via email after the competition close date.

In the body of the email you must list the following in English:
• Your name
• Your country
• Your email address
• Your postal address
• A title for your photo
• Three to five sentences describing the image (who, what, where, when) AND the social-justice or environment issue(s) which are raised by the photo
• The country and place the photo was taken

Images which do not include all the above information in English will not be accepted.

Before submitting images, please carefully consider whether they would fit the style of the People & Planet Diary. Images which feature nudity or violence cannot be accepted. Please do not add borders or other alterations to submitted images.

The winners will be selected by the competition Judges:
Michael Cebon (People & Planet Diary and Calendar Editor)
Rodney Dekker (Documentary Photographer)


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