Fundación MAPFRE is launching KBr Photo Award 2021

Fundación MAPFRE is launching the 1st edition of the KBr Photo Award, a biennial international prize that reaffirms the Fundación’s support for artistic creation.

KBr Photo Award concurs foto grant fotografie
KBr Photo Award

This support takes the form of promoting the winning photographer on a national and international level and furthering their career with a cash prize, an exhibition and an associated catalogue.

There is no fixed subject, but preference will be given to entries that reflect the tradition of documentary photography.

The KBr Photo Award is open to Spanish and non-Spanish artists aged over 18 who will produce a new photographic project or complete an already undertaken one, both previously unpublished and which have not been entered for any other similar competition.


•The prize is 25,000 Euros in order to undertake the selected project within 9 months of the official communication to the winner by Fundación MAPFRE in November 2021.
•In addition, Fundación MAPFRE will organise and present an exhibition in the Espai 2 at the KBr Fundación MAPFRE Barcelona Photo Center in February 2023.

Entry deadline: 10 September 2021

Image requirements: between 10 and 15 images which illustrate and describe the proposal. These images should be JPGs or TIFF with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Under 20 Mb in file size.

Read all Terms and Conditions

Online submission of digital images via the website

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  1. Destul de subtil. Bănuiesc că nu sunt singura băgată în ceață. 🙂 Mă rog, mult succes participanților. Dacă publici fotografiile câștigătoare poate mă lămuresc mai bine.

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