International Photography Competition “Climate: state of emergency”

The Fondation Alliance Française in Paris is launching a new photography competition on the theme: “Climate: state of emergency”.

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apus peste lacul morii

Candidates are asked to submit photographs illustrating issues related to climate and its real or perceived evolutions, as well as the induced effects on people’s lives. Their works may also depict public or private solutions which are implemented or imagined in their countries to fight the negative aspects of such evolutions.

concurs foto clima schimbari vreme
International Photography Competition 2015 –
“Climate: state of emergency”


First Prize: The winner of the “First Prize” will be offered a week in Paris to promote his/her work, in addition to the other
rewards mentioned below.
Second prize: A collective exhibition in a Parisian art gallery and/or at the gallery of the Fondation Alliance Française will
present a selection of the winner and finalists’ artworks. The successful photographs will be published in media outlets
specializing in art and photography.

The competition is free and open to all non-professional and semi-professional photographers aged 18 and above.

Image requirements: TIFF (.tiff) or JPEG (.jpeg) with a resolution of 300 DPI (at least 30×40cm in 3000dpi – 3543×4724 pixels).

Participants will need to submit two digital files by email. The organizers of competition will take charge of the printing and the hanging of the selected photos in the chosen place of exhibition.

Please read Rules and Regulations

Entry deadline: 15 May 2015

Official site:


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