Nikon Photo Contest 2023

The Nikon Photo Contest has been held since 1969 to provide an opportunity for creators to deliver their own messages regardless of their age, nationality, or experience, through categories that are suited to the times, and shared exciting and moving images with a broad and diverse audience over its history of more than half a century.

poza afis anunt Nikon Photo Contest 2023
Nikon Photo Contest 2022- 2023

Nikon Photo Contest 2022-2023

Nikon will continue to support creators and assist them in sharing their images with the world.

Submit your best stills or short films, for a chance to win awards and prizes in this prestigious, juried competition. Amateurs and professionals are welcome.
You don’t need to have used a Nikon camera to win. And there are no entry fees!

The theme of the Photo Competition is “Beloved”.

The theme of the Short Film Competition is “Next Steps”. In response to the changing times, the Short Film Competition is comprised of two categories that differ in terms of the length of entries, “Short Film Category” (180–300 s) and “Super Short Film Category” (20–40 s). If any language other than English is used within the video, English language subtitles must be included.

Challenge yourself to create such works in a way that fits with the specified themes!

•Grand Prize: 500,000 yen in cash, Nikon Z9, NIKKOR Z lens

•Excellence Award
-Photo Competition (2 winners): Z 7II, NIKKOR Z lens
-Short Film Competition (2 winners): Z 6II, NIKKOR Z lenses, video accessories

•Special Encouragement Award
-Photo Competition (8 winners): Z fc, NIKKOR Z lens
-Short Film Competition (8 winners): Z 30, NIKKOR Z lenses and video accessories

•General Public Award
-Photo Competition (1 winner): Z 5o, NIKKOR Z lens
-Short Film Competition (1 winner): Z 50, NIKKOR Z lenses

Entry deadline: February 13th, 2023
After the judging concludes, the winners will be notified via email sent to their registered email addresses by mid-July 2023.

Online submission of digital photographs via the website

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