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Humanity Photo Awards (HPA) 2015

HPA was founded by China Folklore Photographic Association (CFPA) in 1998. For the last 16 years, CFPA, in cooperation with the United Nations of Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), has built this photo contest into a prestigious international photographic event. Its leading position is unchallenged in the world multi-cultural field.

Erkan Kalenderli  Turcia Colored Costumes hpa
Erkan Kalenderli – Colored Costumes

Erkan Kalenderli – Turcia, Colored Costumes

They call upon responsible photographers who respect and love life to take their cameras, in the form of feature photography:

to explore and rescue the endangered folk cultures of nationalities worldwide;
to record the changes and evolution of various folk cultures in a genuine, vivid and profound way;
to record, spread and share the multi-cultures of the world with the aim of enhancing mutual understanding and exchanges of human beings and promoting the world peace and development
to contribute to the World Folklore Photo Museum with world culture records.

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