The Other Hundred Educators: concurs de fotografie

The Other Hundred is a worldwide initiative by Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT) to present a counterpoint to global media consensus about some of today’s most important issues. They want you to send them photographs of the world’s Other Hundred Educators – people with their own special ways of sharing knowledge who you have never heard of.

“The Other Hundred Educators” Photo Contest
“The Other Hundred Educators” Photo Contest

The Other Hundred is looking for the unconventional educators who are out there in all walks of life. Some work in classrooms, both regular and alternative. Some have no formal qualifications but, use teaching to change lives. Some have passed on knowledge from generation to generation. Some have taught through example not words.

The Other Hundred Educators: concurs de fotografie
concurs foto


•1st Place (1 photographer): US$5,000
•2nd Place (1 photographer): US$2,000
•3rd Place (1 photographer): US$1,000
•All other winners will receive US$300

Judges: Ruth Eichorn of GEO Magazine, Ami Vitale of National Geographic and Zoher Abdoolcarim of Time Asia

concurs de fotografie The Other Hundred Educators
The Other Hundred Educators

Each entry must be accompanied by 250-500 words that tells the story behind its subject (s) – who they are, how they are imparting knowledge and experience and the impact they have on others. Submissions may be a single photograph or a series of up to 10 photographs.

Image requirements: taken with a minimum 12 megapixel camera, preferably DSLR; 1000 pixels on the longer side (Should your photo(s) be selected jury, we will ask for you to re-submit your highest-resolution version of the photo(s)); no larger than 500 KB per file; Adobe or RGB colour profile; no excessive digital manipulation

Entry deadline: 15th February 2016
Online submission of digital photographs via the website:


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