Vaccines Today Communcation Challenge 2017 – concurs european de fotografie

Vaccines Today Communcation Challenge 2017 is about how vaccines help us all reach certain moments in our lives: how we go to university because vaccines kept us healthy when we were kids; or how we went on holidays to exotic places thanks to vaccines, too. Thanks to vaccines, grandparents can enjoy many autumns and winters with the grandchildren to watch them grow up.

concurs european de fotografie vaccin vaccinare
Vaccines Today Communcation Challenge 2017


  • First prize: €1000 in cash
  • Second prize: €500 in cash
  • Third prize: €250 in cash
  • Entry deadline: 13th August 2017
    The jury’s decision will be published on 15 September 2017.

    Image requirements: at least 1 000 pixels and no more than 10 000 pixels, JPG (JPEG) format, no larger than 10 MB. Image modifications or part/s of it, that would make the photography to reflect a different reality to the photographed not be accepted.
    You can only submit one photograph. Online submission of digital photographs via the website:


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