Your Sustainability Stories – Photo & Video Storytelling Competition

Your Sustainability Stories is a a Photo & Video Storytelling Competition jointly organized by United Nations University (UNU-FLORES) & Technische Sammlungen Dresden

Photo Video Storytelling Competition
Your Sustainability Stories – Photo & Video Storytelling Competition

Tying in with the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development 2021 as declared by the UN General Assembly, United Nations University (UNU-FLORES) and the Technische Sammlungen Dresden invite professional and amateur photographers and videographers to submit their best shots in advocacy of the Resource Nexus and sustainability.

Photographers and videographers of all levels are welcomed to submit photos and videos accompanied by their respective stories/descriptions (up to 400 words) that relate to the Resource Nexus and one or more of the following themes:

• Agriculture
• Forests
• Circular Economy
• Climate Change
• Biodiversity

The term “nexus” in Latin describes the act of tying together or something which binds. The Resource Nexus looks at the synergies and tradeoffs between the managing of different environmental resources to achieve a net positive outcome. When discussing the Resource Nexus for sustainable development, we are keen to see how such a concept would benefit different areas from agriculture to the preservation of biodiversity.

Judging criteria:
• Relevance to themes (30%)
• Originality and creativity (30%)
• Inspirational power or potential social impact (40%)


• 1st prize: 2,000 euros
• 2nd prize: 1,000 euros
• 3rd prize: 500 euros
• Winning entries will be showcased in a physical exhibition at the Technische Sammlungen Dresden and a digital gallery and will also be used in UNU-FLORES publications.

Entry deadline: 23rd May 2021

Submissions are considered complete with the fulfilment of the following:
• Entry form
• Upload (1 to 4 images/video clips per submission, JPG/MP4 format)
o Images must be at least 1500px wide.
o The duration of each video clip must be at least 10 seconds long.
• Entries are to be submitted by 23 May 2021 to:
• Entries must be in english


Please fill in this form with details of your photo or video submission: Entryform.pdf
Once you have completed all necessary fields, send this form together with the photo/video(s) to


4 thoughts on “Your Sustainability Stories – Photo & Video Storytelling Competition”

  1. Interesantă tematica concursului. Sunt pro eco-bio etc. și e minunat că se atrage atenția asupra problemei, dar nu mă aștept ca o fotografie despre agricultură, de exemplu, să-mi taie răsuflarea. 🙂 Dar vedem…
    Btw, m-am apucat să citesc, mult timp nici nu mi-am dat seama că textul nu-i în română 🙂 , dar dacă blogul tău este în română, de ce n-ai făcut un rezumat al celor de mai sus în limba maternă. Dacă este vreun agricultor pasionat de fotografie, care ar putea participa la concurs, dar care nu înțelege engleza? 🙂

  2. @Jo – initial am vrut sa fac rezumatul de care spui tu, dar pina la urma am ajuns la concluzia ca mai bine sa invatam cu totii o limba straina, caci Globalizarea ne sufla in ceafa chiar si acum cand stam mai mult pe acasa!
    Sau sa folosim programe de traducere. Chiar si Google Translate este destul de util.

  3. Google translate e doar orientativ. Nu m-aș baza pe el pentru o chestie importantă.
    Dar dacă globalizarea de care zici presupune limba engleză, pe care o cunosc deja, nu mai zic nimic. 🙂

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