Blipoint – concurs international de fotografie de portret

A portrait transmits not only an image, but reveals feelings and helps transmit the state of mind of the person being photographed. This provides a wider vision that a simple exterior vision of the subject. The visual language used in photography in the combination of light and composition, adds subtle complexity and unique features.

Blipoint Portrait Photography Contest
Blipoint Portrait Photography Contest

Open to premium members of Blipoint (, 18+)


First prize: The new Fujifilm X100T camera.
Second prize: A Orion 400 flash lighting kit.
Third prize: The new Vanguard Alta CA 233AGH tripod and ball head kit.
Fourth prize: The Sedona 51 (blue) backpack by Vanguard.
Fifth prize: The B-grip camera harness, the new way to transport cameras.

Each contestant can publish up to a maximum of a gallery of (2) two images; not be larger than 1.5 megas, jpg format.
Entry deadline: 13 December 2014
Online submission of digital photographs via the website:
Please read Conditions

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