Call for submissions to exhibition the Great Machine II and the Embarrat Awards 2015

The modernist buildings that house the Museo Trepat de Tàrrega, origin of the social and industrial transformation of the lands of Lleida, will be the venue of the second iteration of EMBARRAT – Festival of Contemporary Creation. The main objectives of this event are to disseminate throughout society the concept of art and thought as critical and engaged attitudes, and to incentivize artistic creation and promote cultural heritage.

EMBARRAT – Festival of Contemporary Creation

Submissions are now being accepted from artists of any discipline and nationality, for the purpose of selecting the artworks that will comprise the group show THE GREAT MACHINE II , and the winners of the EMBARRAT awards.

1. The artistic projects must address a single theme: “Alienation“.
Alienate (translation of entry in the Catalonian Encyclopedia): Make a person or group, under external pressures and conditioning, generally of a sociopolitical nature, act in accordance with interests that are foreign to them, and forsake their own identity. Consumer society may alienate an individual.

Therefore, for the exhibition The Great Machine II , we invite artists to explore and reflect, from any point of view, on this alienated human society and on the consequences that the ideological assimilation of the concept of alienation can have on future generations.

2. Who can participate?
The call is open to individual artists or artist groups. All participants must be adults, but may be of any nationality. Participation is free.

3. About the works
The works must touch on the proposed theme: alienation
Submissions can consist in artworks of any discipline: video art, performance, photography, audio, installations, illustration, etc.
Participants may submit one work, or a set of works under a single title.

4. To make submissions
Each participant must fill out an application online on the Festival’s website, attaching a small dossier (PDF) that explains the art project (maximum of 3 MB).

5. The explanatory PDF must contain
*Read in the terms and conditions of the open call

6. Closing date for submissions: April 30, 2015


The EMBARRAT Award of € 2,000 (taxes included) will distinguish the best work among all those shown at the exhibition The Great Machine II .

IEI AWARD. Production of a solo show: the award will distinguish the best artistic proposal among those shown in the exhibition The Great Machine II . In 2016 the Institut d’Estudis Ilerdencs (IEI) – Government of Lleida will produce a solo show in its Gótica exhibition space to showcase the work of the winning artist. The IEI will also publish a catalogue for the occasion.

The qualified JURY led by Glòria Picazo, Director of the Centre d’Art La Panera of Lleida, will chose the winning works, and its decision will be uncontestable. The members of the jury will soon be announced.

Download complete terms and conditions in English

Exhibition: The Great Machine II
June 26 through July 5 2015
At the Museo Trepat de Tàrrega
Curator: Jesús Vilamajó

June 26 through July 5 2015
In Tàrrega (Lleida – Spain)


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