Cana de cafea Leica

Dupa ce v-am prezentat cana de cafea Canon si Nikon am aflat ca si Leica s-a hotarat sa produca in serie limitata o cana de cafea pentru pasionatii de fotografie.

cana cafea leica
Cana Leica

Exista doua modele de cani Leica: cea de mai sus se numeste Noctilux-M 50, iar cea de jos se numeste Summarit-S 70:

cana leica
Summarit-S 70


Ambele cani Leica sunt fabricate din ceramica si au capac.

Puteau fi cumparate de pe eBay la un pret de 35$ , dar am mai aflat si urmatoarele:

The two coffee mugs were made in Germany exclusively for Leica and are now available in the US. However, the mugs will not be available at Leica dealers; all orders must be made through Leica directly at 1 (800) 222-0118. As there is only a very limited quantity, orders will be processed on a first come, first serve basis. The ceramic coffee mugs, first made available during Photokina, come with removable lids and retail for $35.

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