Concursul de fotografie Photovisa

A human being is a two-sided creature: social and hidden at the same time, with different joys and memories kept privately. These precious and priceless things which are kept in memory and for the sake of which the future is being built are own to each – to artists, photographers or viewers. It is in this diversity of the private the today of our Earth exists.

Photovisa photo contest
Photovisa 2014

Today, where times, history and culture intercross.


Multimedia Project (photoclip)

The theme of the contest What’s Important and Precious to Me can be presented by works created with both analogue and digital media, including manipulation of the photographic image.

Deadline for submission: September, 7, 2014, 00:00 Moscow time.


The winners in each category will receive: Nikon 1 V3the first place, Nikon CoolPix P7800 for the second place and Nikon CoolPix P340 for the third place.

One author can submit no more than 15 works and no more than 1 series. Online submission of digital files via the website.

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