E1|R1 Photo Award for amateur and professional photographers

As the first of its kind, the international E1|R1 Photo Award for amateur and professional photographers seeks the most beautiful and powerful photographs in the environment of the European long-distance paths, E1, for hikers, and R1 for cyclists.

E1|R1 Photo Award for amateur and professional photographers
E1|R1 Photo Award for amateur and professional photographers

The European long-distance path E1 leads from North Cape to southern Italy, and the European cycling route R1 leads from Boulogne-sur-Mer to London and on to St Petersburg.
The E1|R1 photo award is an initiative of the Compentence Center for Hiking WALK, in Detmold, and supported by the German Hiking Association (DWV) as well as the European Ramblers Association (ERA). Its goal is to bring two of the most important long-distance paths to the attention of the many thousands of hikers and cyclists in Europe through the art of photography.

concurs fotografie fotograf profesionist amator E1 R1
E1|R1 Photo Award – E1, for hikers, and R1 for cyclists photos

Important information: All photos must be taken in the direct vicinity of the trails.
Photos, that are taken further than 10km to the side of either of the trails will be excluded from the competition! If a winner’s photo is later discovered to not be in line with these terms, the winner will be stripped of their prize and asked to return it. Legal recourse is not permitted!

Entrants may submit photo series with at least three and at most four motifs to one of 4 categories:
“Culture and Landscape”
“Man and Nature”
“Sky and Earth”
“Animal and Nature”

Both cash and gifts of a total value of approximately 30,000 € will be given out amongst the winners of each individual category, as well as the overall winner. The winning works, along with 50 nominated works, will be presented to the public in an exhibition following the awards ceremony in August 2018. A winners’ publication will also be compiled, in which a selection of works by the winner and nominees will be published.

The submission window opens on 1 December 2017 and closes on 31 March 2018.

More information and the complete entry conditions for professional can be found here:

and for amateur-award



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