Europhotometeo 2022 – concurs de fotografie cu fenomene meteo

The European Meteorological Society announces the photography competition Europhotometeo 2022 (EPM2022).

poza afis concurs foto Europhotometeo 2022 EPM2022
Europhotometeo 2022 (EPM2022)

The Europhotometeo 2022 competition is administered by the EMS in collaboration with the Asociación Meteorológica Española (AME). It is hosted on, and the associated privacy policy applies. By submitting an entry the authors agree to and accept the rules listed under these Terms & conditions.

Enter digital photos specifically related to clouds or other meteorological phenomena taken within 2020 or 2021. Each author can submit one photo, which must have been taken by the submitting author.


1. 1000 €
2. 500 €
3. 250 €

Image requirements: JPG format; Minimum width and height: 1000 pixels; Maximum width and height: 2500 pixels; Maximum file size: 8 MB; Files need to contain EXIF metadata; no photo-montages, heavily altered or retouched images and photos with superimposed writings or other additions (like watermarks)

Entry deadline: 15th January 2022

Online submission of digital photographs via the website:

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One thought on “Europhotometeo 2022 – concurs de fotografie cu fenomene meteo”

  1. Ei, da! Uite ăsta-i un concurs pe gustul meu. Sper să anunți câștigătorii. Mi-ar plăcea să văd fotografiile premiate.

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