Global Wildlife & Natural World Photography Competition 2021

Earth.Org invites explorers, adventure travellers, professional photographers and photographers working on the front line of wildlife conservation across the world to submit their photographs to Wildlife & Natural World Photography Competition 2021

concurs fotografie natura viata salbatica
Wildlife & Natural World Photography Competition 2021

This is your opportunity to have your work showcased to the world in the following categories:

– Overall Best Environmental Photo
– Wildlife in Peril
– Human Impacts on the Environment


→ The Winner of the Earth.Org “Overall Best Environmental Photo” 2021 will be awarded with $1000 USD.
→ The Winners of the two sub-categories Earth.Org “Wildlife in Peril” 2021 and Earth.Org “Human Impacts on the Environment” 2021 will be awarded with $250 USD each.
→ All Winners will be invited to take over the Earth.Org Instagram for a week each.
→ All Winners will be interviewed for Articles on Earth.Org and given the chance to showcase their work on our website or in our articles.

The next 20 best photos selected from all participants will be invited to join our network of Official Earth.Org Photographers and invited to curate Earth.Org’s Instagram page. Their work will be published, credited and tagged across all of our social media platforms that reaches a passionate audience and raises the entrants’ profile as wildlife or environmental photographers globally.

Entry deadline: 4th April 2021
Winners will be announced on website and notified via email by April 25th, 2021.

Entrants must submit their best 3 photographs for each category (e.g max 9 altogether)

Image requirements: JPGs or PNGs only, maximum 25mb per file. Each image file – MUST include the name of the category which it is being entered into in the file name. Only minor burning, dodging and/or colour correction is acceptable, as is cropping.

Online submission of digital images via the website

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