International Day of Light Photo Contest 2020

SPIE International Day of Light Photo Contest is held annually to raise awareness about IDL and to demonstrate the impact light has on cultural, economic, and political aspects of our global society.

SPIE Day of Light Photo Contest 2020
SPIE Day of Light Photo Contest 2020

The theme of the photo contest is A World of Light: The Vital Role That Light and Light-Based Technologies Play in Daily Life. Examples of content include, but are not exclusive to, artistic images that depict:

• Various properties of light and how it interacts with the atmosphere, nature, and materials

• Light technology such as lasers, LEDs, etc.

• Images created with light technology such as telescopes and microscopes

• People interacting with light and/or light technology

• The betterment of the human condition with light

Amateur and professional photographers alike are encouraged to submit photos for a chance to win cash prizes.


•First prize: US $2,500
•Second prize: US $1,000
•Third prize: US $500
•Technology and Science prize: US $750

New in 2020, SPIE has created a Youth Category for young photographers age 13-17 years old. See details below and submit your photo today!

Entry deadline: 16th September 2020
Winners will be announced 30 October 2020.

Image requirements: 300 dpi or more and at least 3,000 pixels on the longest side. No less than 5MB and no greater than 20MB in file size. TIF and JPEG/JPG are the ONLY accepted formats. Only limited enhancement of the original photograph is permitted for the purpose of improving brightness and contrast or removing minor cosmetic flaws. Black and white images are acceptable.

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