Lowepro Preferred Photographer

 Lowepro Preferred Photographer
Lowepro Preferred Photographer

Interested in becoming a Lowepro Preferred Photographer?

Pe internet se intalnesc mai multe comunitati despre fotografie unde se pot gasii informati utile, se pot face schimb de idei si/sau de experienta, se dau anunturi, etc.
O astfel de comunitatea vor sa construiasca si cei de la firma rucsacuri/genti foto LowePro:

We’re obsessed with photographers.

Always have been. Always will be. We study their every move and incessantly invent solutions for the challenges they face. If you’re a photographer, enthusiast, new shooter or an admirer of the art form, please visit our Photography Showcase. It’s a great resource for inspiration and information about Lowepro Preferred Photographers and their workshops, seminars, books, video, exhibits, web sites, blogs and more. It’s always changing, so please visit often. We bet you’ll be as obsessed as we are!

Read more at www.lowepro.com

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