New Cosmos of Photography concurs foto-video

New Cosmos of Photography support photographers’ attempts to create still images or videos/movies or a fusion of the two, that go beyond previous photographic concepts and genres.

New Cosmos of Photography concurs foto-video
New Cosmos of Photography concurs foto-video

Photography has been around for more than 180 years. Over this period, advances in technology have expanded the domain of cameras from film to digital, from still images to videos.
And with the spread of the Internet, smartphones, social media, and other recent innovations, it is easy for anyone today to take photos and enjoy communicating through photography.

Given the changed landscape around photography, we decided to take advantage of the New Cosmos of Photography (by Canon) accept both printed works by postal mail or courier and digital works (still images and videos) through online submission.

We regard still images and videos/movies to be continuous and consecutive. We are hoping for brand-new video works that no one has ever seen before.

Therefore, we encourage entries of works that provide a glimpse of tomorrow’s photography and open up new scenes for photography and art.


→Grand Prize winner
•JPY 200,000 prize money (approximately 1.670 Euro)
•Gift of a Canon products
•a solo exhibition at the New Cosmos of Photography Exhibition 2021
→Excellence Award winners
•Prize money totaling JPY 200,000
•Works exhibited at the New Cosmos of Photography Exhibition 2020
→Honorable Mention Award winners – Prize money totaling JPY 30,000

Entry deadline: 20th May 2020
The winners will be announced on the New Cosmos of Photography website by the end of July 2020.

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Image requirements: 2,400 x 2,400 pixels or larger (recommended). Up to 100 photos or 1,000 MB (approx1GB) can be uploaded. The recommended file format is JPEG with a resolution of 72 dpi or greater. The color space standard used in the judging process is sRGB. Contest winners may be asked to submit higher resolution image data for inclusion in the Contest publications and exhibitions.

Please read all Rules

Online submission of digital photographs via the website


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