Noutati la SIAB 2007

Din noutatile prezente la SIAB 2007:

1.Alfa Romeo Brera:
Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

2.Audi A8:

Audi A8

3.BMW seria 1:

BMW seria 1




4.Chevrolet Aveo:

Chevrolet Aveo

Chevrolet Aveo

5.Dodge Avenger:

Dodge Avenger

6.Fiat 500 :

Fiat 500

Fiat 500

7. Honda Type R :

Hoda Civic Type R

8. Jaguar XJ :

Jaguar XJ

9. Kia Sporty Wagon :

Kia Sporty Wagon

10. Logan Pick-Up :

Logan Pick-up

11. Maserati Grandturismo :

Maserati Grandturismo

Maserati Grandturismo

12. Mazda 6 :

Mazda 6


5 thoughts on “Noutati la SIAB 2007”

  1. I’ve looking for pictures of Alfa Romeo Competizione and run into your site here. What a plenty of exciting sport vehicle you have here. Is this came from 2007 Motor Show? Anyway, thank you for sharing this. I am going to add this to my picture collection, if that is ok with you.

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