Tetenal Classics Photography Award: concurs international de fotografie analogica

Tetenal Classics Photography Award 2016 is a pure 100 % analogue competition where only analogue developed and on original photo paper exposed photos will be accepted. Digital transferred photos or digital photographed but analogue developed pictures will not be considered.

Tetenal Classics Photography Award 2016
Tetenal Classics Photography Award 2016

Theme: “Signs of time”

Prizes: In total Tetenal tenders prizes worth of 3.500 Euro.

aparat foto rusesc

Guidelines for your submission:

– only one picture per participant
– maximum format of 24,0 cm x 30,5 cm
– 100% analogue (photograph and development)
– colored or black and white
– if you want us to send your picture back after the award is finished, you have to mark this in the data form and also enclose a pre-franked, addressed envelope to your entry.

fotografie A4

Entry deadline: 31st March 2016

Please read all Terms and Conditions here


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