Annual Photoshare Photo Contest 2018 – premiaza cea mai buna fotografie din domeniul sanatatii si dezvoltarii globale

Annual Photoshare Photo Contest 2018 is an international standard for recognizing amateur and professional photographers that share photos for charitable and educational use organized by he Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project.

Annual Photoshare Photo Contest 2018
Annual Photoshare Photo Contest 2018

The Annual Photoshare Photo Contest has become an international standard for recognizing photographers who contribute their work to freely-available editorial collections like Photoshare, which houses over 30,000 global health and development images.

This year Photoshare has partnered with, Girls’ Globe to present a new Sexual and Reproductive Health category. Photoshare will recognize this featured category with its first social-media-powered prize, the Photoshare People’s Choice Award.
In addition to this special content focus, Photoshare continues its partnership with HIFA (Healthcare Information For All) on the Healthcare Providers category, which focuses on the critical role of health care information and health workers and is recognized with the HIFA Photo Award.

poza afis banner Annual Photoshare Photo Contest
Annual Photoshare Photo Contest

Contest Categories

This year’s contest features 11 categories and 2 awards covering a broad range of global public health and development topics:

• Sexual and Reproductive Health
(Presented by: Girls’ Globe with the Photoshare People’s Choice Award)

• Healthcare Providers
(Sponsored Category: HIFA Photography Award)

• Family Planning


• Malaria and Zika

• Environment

• Agriculture and Economic Development

• Democracy and Governance

• Humanitarian and Disaster Relief

• mHealth and Communications Technology

• Global Health and Human Interest (open subject)

Prizes and Awards

The contest awards cash prizes to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Participants submitting entries to the featured Sexual and Reproductive Health category are also eligible for the Photoshare People’s Choice Award, presented by Girls’ Globe.
Entries in the Healthcare Providers category are also eligible for an additional cash prize, the HIFA-sponsored Photography Award.

Best of Show ( for inspiration see previous Photoshare contest winners)

1st place -selected from all contest submissions
· $1000 cash prize

2nd place -selected from all contest submissions
· $500 cash prize

3rd place -selected from all contest submissions
· $250 cash prize

People’s Choice Photo Award | Sexual and Reproductive Health Category –presented by Girls’ Globe and selected by social media users
$100 cash prize award –Photoshare sponsored

HIFA Photography Award | Healthcare Providers Category -selected by the HIFA Steering Committee from only the Healthcare Providers Category
$250 cash prize award –HIFA sponsored

Deadline for Entries: June 5th, 2018
Winners Announced: July 15th, 2018

Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions before submitting any photos.

Online submission of digital photographs via the website
Good luck!

The 2018 Annual Photoshare Photo Contest is brought to you by K4Health, a USAID-funded project at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP), in partnership with FHI 360, IntraHealth International and Management Sciences for Health (MSH). Girls’ Globe and HIFA provide additional support.


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