Concursul foto International Mountain Summit (IMS) 2015

Theme IMS Photo Contest 2015: Mountain Faces: Mountains all over the world are telling stories about climbers, conquering steep walls, alpinists undergoing harsh conditions, mountain people living between brusque rock formations, fighting on a daily base against mother nature’s forces and animals adapting to almost unreal situations.

concurs de fotografie montana
IMS Photo Contest 2015

Not only faces of mountaineers, climbers and mountain people, affected by pain and exhaustion for the “summit victory”, tell stories about mountains, but also tears of joy when reaching the top.

The IMS Photo Contest 2015 under the motto “Mountain.Faces” aims to get pictures, that represent individual perspectives of the mountain, with all its facets as well as his conquerors and inhabitants. Show us with your picture, the mountain faces, not matter made of rocks, made of flesh and blood or fur. Eventually what counts is the uniqueness of the moment, captured for the eternity.


1st : 3000 Euro
2nd: 2000 Euro
3rd: 1000 Euro
And a Public voting with an overall amount of 600 Euro
Dji Aerial Photo Award: A Phantom 3 Advanced Drone

Every participant is allowed to upload maximally 1 picture for each of the two categories. Online submission of digital photographs via the website:

Image requirements: TIF or JPEG format; maximal side length is of 1200 pixel (ex.14×10cm at 72 dpi); under 2 MB in file size; for the exhibition winners will need to submit the same picture in a resolution at least at 2300 x 3500 pixel (20×30cm at 300dpi).

Entry deadline: 31 July 2015. Please read the Rules


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