Curs online pentru prelucrare imaginilor RAW

Intr-un articol mai vechi v-am vorbit despre formatul RAW si am fost curios daca in Romania se gasec cursuri de prelucrare/editare pentru acest format. Eu nu am gasit un astfel de curs, dar am gasit un curs online pentru prelucrarea imaginilor RAW in limba engleza tinut de fotograful Daniel Bailey

dan bailey
camera raw

Camera RAW: Capture to Stunning Photos

This online photography course will show you how to get the most from your RAW images, without having to spend hours in front of your computer. You’ll learn how to create an efficient workflow with your software, allowing you to get the best possible conversion from your RAW files in the least amount of time. We’ll explore the misconceptions about RAW and show you how to quickly process your images with level and tonal corrections so that they go from good to fantastic!

What you will need:

* A digital SLR or point-and-shoot camera capable of RAW file capture.
* A computer with image-processing software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Apple Aperture) capable of handling digital RAW files.

Lesson plan:

* Introduction to RAW Images
* Basic RAW Processing
* Editing and Fine-Tuning in the Digital Darkroom
* Shooting with the RAW Frame of Mind

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