Gender and Water Integrity – concurs international de fotografie organizat de Water Integrity Network

If you have photos that capture the relationship between gender, participation, and the fight against corruption in different ways, across various cultures and locations you should participate at the Gender and Water Integrity Photo Competition.

Gender and Water Integrity photo contest concurs fotografie
Gender and Water Integrity photo contest

Participants are invited to submit up to two photographs that examine these complex elements through your own lens, and we encourage photographers to share your vision of a world working toward increased water integrity, and improved participation across genders such as:

•Non-traditional community leaders improving integrity and transparency
•Participation of all genders in management and decision-making around services
•Activists striving to hold service providers and government to account
•Overcoming obstacles to achieve equal access and fair distribution

poza femei india apa SUDIPTO DAS Gender and Water Integrity
©SUDIPTO DAS – winner Water Integrity in Pictures: wastewater management

Gender and Water Integrity Prize:

•1st Place – $1,000 voucher for photography equipment/software.
•Runners-Up – $250 voucher for photography equipment/software.
•Best Smartphone Photo: one prize will be awarded in this category.
•1st Place – $100 voucher for smartphone photography equipment/applications.

Entry deadline: 17th February 2019
Winners will be announced on World Water Day 2018, 22 March 2019.

Judging criteria:

•Balance: the photo holds the viewers’ attention and shows a consistent focus
•Message: the photo clearly identifies a subject which relates to either positive actions for water integrity or the negative impacts of corruption (exclusive of the caption)
•Aesthetic Quality: the photo shows a good focus of the subject
•Caption: the caption explains the circumstances in which the photo was taken and/or its relevance to water integrity

Jury members:
Antoine Delepièr , water and sanitation expert, and photographer UNDP, based with SIWI (secondment for French FoA Ministry)
•Diana Suhardiman, Senior Researcher – Policy and Institutions Governance and Gender Research Group Lead IWMI/CGIAR
•Nidhi Jamwal, independent journalist

Image requirements: JPEG/GIF/BMP format.
Each participant may submit up to a maximum of 2 photographs.

To participate, please submit your photo with captions and the signed Terms and Conditions form to via


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