Revolutionary Storyteller Grant 2023 by Photographers Without Borders

Applications are open for the Revolutionary Storyteller Grant 2023 offered by Photographers Without Borders. This grants aims to support 5 revolutionary storytellers around the world.

Revolutionary Storyteller Grant 2023  Photographers Without Borders
Revolutionary Storyteller Grant 2023 by Photographers Without Borders

Image by Alex King

Photographers Without Borders is a global community of photographers and filmmakers protecting land and water (the sacred) through ethical story telling. They do this through their Revolutionary Storyteller Grant and Community Micro-Grants, and they inspire new generations of storytellers through Storytelling School, Storytelling for Change Series & Podcast, annual events, and their other initiatives and resources.

Photographer, storyteller, conservationist and activist speaker Danielle Da Silva is the founder of the Photographers Without Borders organization.
Da Silva was also a member of the inaugural class of Alpha Female, where she worked with mentor and Sony Artisan Cristina Mittermeier to use the opportunity to make an impact with emotional calls to action.

This 5 grants will help shine a light on photography projects that support grassroots, frontlines movements and initiatives that are doing big things to protect Mother Earth.


➤ 5 recipients will receive $5,000 USD to support the creation of an impactful photography project, a video piece, and a community exhibition of the work.


➤Applicant must have strong visual storytelling skills;
➤Be from the community or have strong relationships with the community they are working with;
➤A strong, tangible call to action pertaining to land and/or water protection.

Applications are due by 11:59pm EST February 21, 2023.

Online submission of digital images via the website:

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