Haz de necaz sau unde dai si unde crapa

Fotografie realizata de Hans Kruse pentru London Media si publicata de ziarul britanic The Telegraph mi-a atras atentia, amindindu-mi de zicala românească “Unde dai si unde crapa” dar si de o alta vorba !

Animal pictures of the week: 16 March 2012
Picture: Hans Kruse / London Media

Daca nu vedeti explicatia din caption o transcriu aici ca sa intelegeti mai bine situatia si sa va spun si cealalta vorba:

“A wildlife photographer misses his subject. The man was trying to spot deer in a park outside Copenhagen in Denmark, but missed a huge stag as it walked past him. He had his long lens pointing in the wrong direction. Photographer Hans Kruse, who captured the scene, said: “The other photographer had been staring at the woods for a while while when this rather large deer appeared out of nowhere and tiptoed past him. I was laughing so much it was quite hard to take the picture.”

Iar vorba cealalta este: “Nu vedem padurea din cauza copacilor”


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