TIPA Photo Contest 2023 – premiaza cele mai bune imagini ale echipamentului foto

Send your best shot of photo gear, new or old, expensive or not, and enjoy other photographers’ contributions with this, our premiere photo contest for 2023. The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) awards the best photos of photographic equipment in three categories.

foto banner TIPA Photo Contest 2023 premiaza poze echipmanet foto
TIPA Photo Contest 2023

Winners receive a total of 3,000 Euros. Simply upload your best shots in one, two or all three categories.


➤My camera and I – Think “camera selfie.” A self-portrait with camera in hand. Use reflective surfaces or even set another camera on a tripod or surface and use a self-timer with just you and your camera as the subjects. Can also be a beauty shot of a unique piece of gear.

➤My camera in action – Think context (sports event, nature walk, studio setup), accessories like a tripod and flash, special use of lenses, and interesting positioning you might use to get a great angle of view.

➤What’s in my camera bag – Clever and artistic arrangements of cameras, lenses, accessories, filters, even film. Show off what you might carry into the field for nature work, sports work, even astrophotography. Can be inside the bag or arrayed around it. Pay attention to lighting and depth of field.


Deadline: Jan 15, 2024
Announcement of the winners: February 2024

By submitting an entry, you will be presumed to have agreed to accept the Competition rules

Online submission of digital photographs via the website: https://app.picter.com/login

TIPA is an organization of Photo and Imaging publications worldwide. Founded in 1991, the Technical Image Press Association, TIPA, is composed of many member publications in the photo/imaging field published in print and online. These publications cover the full range of the industry, including consumer, professional, business-to-business, and fine art photography and imaging.

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  1. Buna sunt Cristian, un fotograf cu o experienta de peste 45 de ani si sunt pasionat de toate genurile de fotografie. De fapt aceasta imi este meseria care o imbin cu stilul meu din viata de zi cu zi. Nici o zi fara aparatul de fotografiat.

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