Camera Work Contest 2021

This year’s Camera Work edition focuses on the concept – cornerstone and foundation of Dante’s work, La Vita Nova – of life renewed by love, in its many forms and possibilities.

Camera Work Contest 2021 Dante
Dante: La Vita Nova

In 2021 it will be the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death, who lived the last period of his life in Ravenna, where he died in 1321. Given the important anniversary and the bonds of the poet with the city of Ravenna, PR2 Camera Work propose a photographic contest themed on the concept, cornerstone and foundation of the work of Dante: La Vita Nova, life renewed by Love, in its many forms and possibilities

The history of contemporary art gives us many examples of artists who made Love the center of their artistic production, declining it according to various and multiple forms, choosing interpretations, offering possibilities.

From Experimental Relationship by Chinese photographer Pixy Liao, who stages the love affair with her boyfriend, to The lovers, the performance performed by Marina Abramovic and Ulay who in 1988 decided to travel the Wall of China to meet halfway and declare the end of their love; from Sentimental Journey and Winter Journey by Nobyoushi Araki, series of photographs taken to his beloved wife during the honeymoon and then near his death, at the happening The Kiss by Tino Sehgal: there are numerous works dedicated to this theme and its possible variations.

The competition is reserved to young photographers under 35 years of age (born before 1th January 1985).

Prizes & Jury

The jury, chaired by Silvia Camporesi (artist, artistic director of the review Camera Work) and composed of Carlo Sala (curator, teacher, artistic director of the festival Photo Open Up in Padua) and Giangavino Pazzola (curator of Camera, Turin), will select the winners by awarding the following prizes:

•1st Prize: 3000 € (gross), a solo exhibition at Palazzo Rasponi 2, the publication of a personal catalogue
•2nd Prize: 2000 € (gross), a solo exhibition at Palazzo Rasponi 2, the publication of a personal catalogue
•3rd Prize: 1000 € (gross,) a solo exhibition at Palazzo Rasponi 2, the publication of a personal catalogue

The three winners will exhibit, for a period of three weeks, in space Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea PR2 of the Municipality of Ravenna.

Entry deadline: 20th December 2020

Online submission of digital images via the website
All participants in the competition are also invited to publish the images on Instagram, using the hashtags #PR2 #camerawork_ra #cameracall.

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